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Gods Of Olympus Bulldogges Welcomes You With Open Paws

Olde English Bulldogge Puppies. 

Registered with the IOEBA.


With Gods Of Olympus Bulldogges, you will find the puppy of your dreams - a well loved and chubby puppy for your family. All Bulldogges are cared for in our home and are well socialized.

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Breed History 


The ancestors of the Olde English Bulldogge originated in England between 1600 and 1700.  These early Bulldogges were also the ancestors to many of the bull breeds that exist today including the English Bulldog and the American Bulldog.

The original Bulldogges were bred to participate in blood sports like bull baiting.  This so called sport became quite popular in England throughout the middle of the 18th Century.  Bull baiting primarily consisted of staking out a bull and allowing several Bulldogges to attack it.  A dog of great courage and agility was needed for bull baiting.  This dog was of medium size; larger dogs were considered to be the result of various mastiff crosses. 

Around 1835, laws were passed in England prohibiting bull baiting and the original Bulldogges main purpose of existence vanished.  Within a decade the numbers of Bulldogges declined drastically almost to the point of extinction.  Dog show fanciers eventually decided to reconstruct the breed, but wanted to tone down the aggressive temperament of the original Bulldogge.  To do so they crossed the remnants of the existing stock with other breeds and over the years that followed they developed the modern English Bulldog.  Unfortunately though the majority of today’s modern English Bulldogs are wrought with all kinds of genetic health problems.

Today’s Olde English Bulldogge is a reconstruction of the original Bulldogge of the 17th and 18th century.  Various genetic crosses have been used in carefully and thoughtfully planned breeding programs to obtain this goal.  The foundation of most of today’s Olde English Bulldogges can be traced back to English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, APBTs and Mastiffs.  These various dog breeds were used very selectively in various combinations to obtain the desired physical traits of the original Bulldogge. 

The result has been a good looking Bulldogge of great athletic ability that is much healthier and physically fit without most or all of the problems that plague many of today’s modern English Bulldogs.  The goal of all Olde English Bulldogge breeders should be to produce genetically healthier Bulldogges that are free breathers, free breeders, and free whelpers.

Today it is recommended that the International Olde English Bulldogge Association’s Breed Standard be used by Olde English Bulldogge breeders in an effort to maintain the high standards that the breeders of the past and the International Olde English Bulldogge Association have set forth to continue to improve and preserve today’s Olde English Bulldogge for future generations of fanciers.


Gods Of Olympus Bulldogges will be planning the next litter in spring of 2020.

All Puppies are registered with the IOEBA as Generational Blue Ribbon Olde English Bulldogges. 




Upcoming Litter Spring 2020



Health  Guarantee  

We strive to produce a healthy family pet the whole family will enjoy for years to come. Each puppy will come with a clearly outlined health guarantee that will be sent to you to sign and return when you chose your new family member.


Recent Puppies 


Female puppy 

Sold to the Ammerman family in Lakewood Colorado. 


Male Puppy

Sold to the Hartman family in Windsor Colorado.


Male Puppy

Sold to the Alvarez family in Aurora Colorado.


Male Puppy

Sold to the Svedman family in Platteville Colorado 


Male Puppy

Sold to the Mondragon family in Thornton Colorado. 


Previous litter 1/6/2019.



Female Puppy

Athena 4 w.jpg
Hermes 4 w.jpg


Sold to the Hartman family in Windsor Colorado 


Sold to Kristen Vigil-Smith in Pueblo Colorado.

Prometheus 4 w.jpg
hYPNOS 4 w.jpg


Sold to Alyssa Mann in Montana 


Sold to the Jordan family in Littleton Colorado. 

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Posiedon Jr. 4 w.jpg

Poseidon Jr.

Sold to Pete in Colorado Springs 


Sold to the Kaplan Family in Stapleton Colorado. 

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We absolutely love this breed! These dogs are so smart, loyal and loving. Our first male dog is the reason we decided to become breeders. We wanted to share this breed with other families by providing them a good quality, amazing dog!



About Us

Olde English Bulldogge Registered Kennel with the IOEBA. https://ioeba.net

We are a small family owned Olde English Bulldogge Kennel located on 4.5 acres in the mountains of Northern Colorado. When we purchased our home it was just as much for our Bulldogges as it was for us because we wanted to make sure our whole family had plenty of space. Our bulldogges mean the world to us, We absolutely love this breed! These dogs are so smart, loyal and loving. Our first male dog Poseidon is the reason we decided to become breeders. We wanted to share this breed with other families by providing them a good quality, amazing dog at a fair price. As a veteran we take pride in our military and offer a discount for those who serve or have served for our great nation. In addition, we donate to local animal shelters with each and every litter. We feel that these dogs are absolutely the best and no family is truly complete without one.


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